What do employees expect of their leaders?

what employees expect their leaders and managers

Nili Goldfein, CEO at NGG Global Learning Solutions, describes the 5 ideal characteristics of a good leader and manager

Today’s organizations are concerned about their employees’ engagement. Since the millennials tend to frenetically move from one job to the next, with no sense of loyalty to their employer, large organizations struggle to cope with this new reality. Young, talented employees don’t care about financial stability or job security. They’ll keep their job only as long as it keeps them happy.

Countless articles that have been published over the last few years show that employees will join an organization if the position interests them, if they are happy with the salary offered, if the job will look good on their resume, and it if is convenient for them. They’ll often leave an organization if they are unable to develop a good relationship with their direct manager. The articles discuss the over-30 age group as well, but is seems that the pattern of “joining an organization and leaving (in anger) because of my boss” is more typical of the employees of the future.

In 2020, over 50% of the global workforce will be people under age 30. That means that it will be crucial for all of us to understand how large organizations can enhance their employees’ engagement.

Five traits that all leader(s) and managers should start working on right now:

In this day and age, these traits are crucial for retaining employees and inspiring them to work hard for you, to follow you, and to create an atmosphere of engagement and satisfaction at the workplace.

  • Be a visionary
  • Clarity – which leads to customer-centricity
  • Be an achiever, make things happen
  • Be a team player
  • Mentor and coach your employees


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