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Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is a critical factor for the profitability and potential of any company to create a competitive advantage. The supply chain ties all the stages together; starting from order/demand forecasting, through the raw materials to the final product for the end customer.

NGG Organizational Engineering Solutions offers advanced solutions that enable to upgrade chain performance and improve the ability to monitor it; improve the ability to plan according to demand forecasting and minimize operational costs. All stemming from global optimization of value chains’ management processes.


Services and Products:

  • Define a strategy for a managerial and operational platform, and improve acquisitions and logistics management
  • Define policies, management processes and stock reservation
  • Plan distribution systems and optimize distribution channels
  • Specify, select and implement designated acquisitions management systems, BPM, E-Sourcing
  • Functional planning for logistic centers
  • Establish models for optimizing maintenance activities
  • Plan maintenance processes of customer service levels, load and cost divisions