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Service & Sales Systems

Service and Sales Systems are the organization’s main interface with its customers and are its shop window, hence their significance. NGG Corporate Engineering Solutions offers integrated solutions, including planning, developing and improving performance of Sales and Service Systems. These solutions allow organizations to promote excellence in sales and service processes, as a strategic infrastructure for achieving corporate goals. These solutions are enabled by creating a robust operational platform.

Services and Products:

  • Plan and implement Call Centers
  • Preference management: choosing between In-House and Outsourcing for Call Center operations and ROI analysis
  • Call Center cost effectiveness analysis of human resources, skills management and service level to customers
  • Define and specify standards and work processes for Sales and Service Center management
  • Improve performance of field technicians
  • Standardize technicians and establish technician allocation methodologies
  • Specify, choose and implement CTI, IVR, CRM and allocation systems
  • Establish processes, tools and methodologies for campaign management