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Processes and Systems Implementation

Frequent business and operational changes in organizations often require processes, methods and systems to be adjusted and sometimes to be redefined altogether. Organizations are challenged by having to maintain optimal and effective performance in a given situation, while simultaneously having to upgrade all of their processes and systems in order to cope with an improved future situation. They must also engage users in the process and create awareness to the required change, while communicating the process properly to avoid objections. Processes, tools and system implementation among users must also be considered, because without a training process and organized change management, users may continue to apply old habits while avoiding implementation of new processes or systems. Development of follow-up and control mechanisms to follow the implementation of processes and system usage in the immediate, intermediate and long-run, will enable to carry out routine management and change management concurrently.


Services and Products:

  • Management program for implementation of processes, methods and systems
  • Develop customized training programs suitable for user requirements
  • Train process leaders and change agents
  • Assist and support through implementation processes