Policy, Methodology and Processes2017-06-04T19:33:15+03:00

Policy, Methodology and Processes

The HR unit plays a significant role in formulating the infrastructures and processes for talent development and retainment. These infrastructures are critical for corporate business strategies in modern organizations, which are constantly undergoing transformation. Everyone must be prepared for the next thing, at all times. The NGG Group is vastly experienced in leading management teams through strategic processes and the resulting HR infrastructures. As part of the strategic process, we help HR units build and implement infrastructures and processes, as well as help organizations become future-ready – in the long and short term.
Services and Products:

  • Build and accompany HR systems
  • Provide ongoing counseling
  • Accompany organizational change processes and provide supporting infrastructures in situation assessments
  • Implement a culture and tools for the “Human Resources Manager”
  • Design assessment and feedback processes for performance management
  • Design talent programs and succession plans
  • Design and implement compensation programs and wages and benefit plans
  • Plan budgets and work plans
  • Design measurement systems and effectiveness assessment indexes