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The NGG Learning and Training Development Center, specializes in cracking the learning code and developing effective learning solutions, through a variety of integrated and innovative methodologies and tools. We put emphasis on matching the right solution to the client’s organization, and we take particular care to produce products that meet international standards, integrating creativity and advanced design.  Our Development Center boasts a diverse portfolio of completed local and global projects.

Our Expertise

  • Sales and Services
  • Professional and technical training
  • Management and leadership
  • Soft skills

Our Services

Academic Development

  • Pre-role and on the job related training program design
  • Learning content development
  • Certification program design
  • Qualifications and certifications program design throughout the employment tour
  • New role and coaching guides (employees and managers)

Individual Learning

  • E-learning modules
  • Pre and post training program tasks
  • Learning aids
  • Learning games
  • Learning videos
  • Mobile learning
  • Social learning

Change Process Implementation

  • Designing and implementing work plans
  • Communication tools
  • Managerial implementation tools
  • E-learning modules
  • Measuring tools
  • User guides

Frontal Training

  • Training materials for trainers
  • TTT – training kits for trainers and managers
  • Participant training guides
  • Training aids (videos, games)

Our Products

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The First 100 Days – Managerial Role Inception Kit

The process of entering a managerial role is significant for organizational managers. The managers’ first three months in their role greatly determine their level of success. The “First 100 Days” kit is an Excel tool which includes an inception program for entering managerial roles, with tools to implement key anchors for the new manager’s autonomous work during this period of time.

The Kit Includes:

  • An inclusive process map for entering a managerial position
  • A designated buffer for every anchor in the process, which includes work processes, instructions, tools and “field” tips

Key contents:

  • Planning the inception process alongside mental preparation
  • Unit diagnosis and learning
  • Building a work plan and initial actions on the job
  • Mapping key interfaces and conducting introductory talks and job orientation
  • Social network positioning, structuring and expansion

Kit Benefits:

  • Quick and individual launch of inception processes for managerial roles
  • The manager is provided with tools and support throughout the process to enable him to work autonomously
  • One stop shop for all theoretical content and practical tools
  • A place for documenting insights and impressions alongside processes and task performance
  • Follow up and review of the new manager, supervisors and responsible persons for the learning process
Development of HR Capabilities as a Business Partner – HR Managers Program
In recent years, organizational HR units are transforming perceptually and professionally, aiming to position HR as an organizational business partner. HR managers aspire to connect to the corporate strategy and help the organization attain its business goals through appropriate and supportive HR activities.
The HR Capabilities as a Business Partner Development Program is intended for HR managers, to provide them with tools and skills for managing consultation processes in different organizational and HR areas, and for strengthening the unit’s value in processes that aim to attain business goals.
The Program Includes:

– 6-8 learning sessions on the following subjects:

  • HR role perception as a business partner
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Business thinking and strategy formulation
  • Leading organizational and change processes
  • Guiding and consulting managers
  • Guiding and developing teams

– “Paying it forward” – a training option for managers who have already passed the TTT program, to train subordinate HR teams with centric and appropriate contents.
Program Benefits:

  • Applicability – providing practical and applicable tools and skills for positioning HR as an organizational business partner
  • Holistically – developing a program that combines the HR manager’s role complexities
  • Connecting with the field – combining benchmarks from organizations that have gone through similar processes, discussions with the organization’s supervisors and managers, and more
  • Cooperation – combining peer learning methodologies, ‘study buddy’, case analysis, simulations and more
Remote Management Tools
In global organizations today, increasingly more managers are required to manage employees “remotely”. Some of the challenges that make remote management complex and unique include, lacking presence and face to face communication, technological difficulties, cultural differences and differing time zones, to name a few. Remote management is a tool kit for managers in a global corporation, intended for empowering and providing support of their ability to manage employees remotely.
The Kit Includes:

  • Remote new employee induction management tool
  • Remote periodical 1-on-1 meeting management tool
  • Remote staff meeting management tool
  • Remote project initiation meeting management tool
  • Remote staff development activity management tool
  • A workshop for managers for strengthening perception and skills of remote management (face to face or webinar) – to be conducted by internal corporate instructors
  • A workshop for employees for developing remote work skills (face to face or webinar) – to be conducted by internal corporate instructors

Kit Benefits:

  • Providing support and best practices for managers for key remote management interactions
  • Providing corporate standards and alignment with global management processes
  • Implementing the remote management perception, mindset and manner of conduct
  • Easy and simple distribution and launch to all corporate managers
  • Global team work optimization as well as corporate performance
Learning Technologies – E-Learning Solutions

The Internet, mobile and social media revolutions have changed the way people consume and transmit information. In parallel, organizations change and update knowledge at an increased pace, which in turn has led to needed new learning solutions that enable autonomous learning, anytime, anywhere.
NGG Human Capital Management Solutions is offering a variety of interactive e-learning solutions for autonomous learning or combined with frontal training for empowered learning, while linking training and learning development to design and production.

The E-Learning Solutions Include:
– Development, design and production of varied learning products:

  • Courseware
  • Videos
  • Learning games
  • Interactive questionnaires and tests

– Optional learning through computer, tablet or smartphone

  • E-Learning Solutions Benefits:
  • Saving time and training resources
  • Fast and individual response to organizational learning needs
  • Learning is highly accessible, anytime, anywhere
  • Learner’s autonomous and active learning
  • Diverse learning methods and methodologies
  • Interactivity, creating interest and experience
PDP – Personal Development Plan
Current researches in the area of organizational management and leadership show that “self-awareness” is the manager’s primary tool. The PDP is an Excel based tool, for self-examination of skills and personal managerial behavior, checked against organizational values or corporate perception of leadership. The tool enables to identify areas for development and to plan a personalized process.
The Tool Includes:

  • Self-examination questionnaire of managerial skills, checked against organizational values or corporate perception of leadership
  • Results generated automatically for gap analysis and definition of development areas
  • An idea bank of activities for minimizing the gaps, respective of the areas that surfaced for development
  • Individual development program building format, based on the questionnaire’s results
  • Instructions and explanations for working autonomously with the tool

Tool Benefits:

  • A tool for implementing organizational values and perception of leadership through ongoing examination of managers against them
  • Manager works autonomously and is responsible for his personal development
  • Easy and simple distribution and launch to all corporate managers
  • Follow up and review of the personal development process of the manager, supervisors and responsible persons
  • Supporting performance evaluation processes and providing grounds for discussion and dialog between managers and supervisors
Game Kits for Values Implementation

In the dynamic, chaotic and ever changing environment organization operate in today, there is an understanding of how important organizational values are as anchors and guiding compasses for the organization’s activities. Many organizations are engaged in implementation of their organizational values and in making them accessible to employees and managers.
Game kits for values implementation are intended for corporate managers, for conducting team meetings about values.
A designated kit is prepared for every organizational value, which includes a game related to the value as well as all the aids a manager requires for managing and processing the game.

The Kits Include:

Each value has a colored and branded game kit, which includes:

  • A designed invitation to the meeting, including a short preliminary task
  • Game instructions sheet
  • All the aids required for playing the game
  • A checklist for the manager for conducting the game – including detailed tasks to be performed before, during and after the meeting

Kit Benefits:

  • Implementing and making organizational values accessible to employees and managers
  • Engaging managers and transforming them into the organization’s “values agents”
  • Autonomous operation by managers, not requiring external or internal instructors
  • On the Job learning – connecting to values through experience, analysis and discussion
  • Creating interest, experience and energy about values