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Leadership and Management

Having good management skills is not an innate trait in most people. Management is not an easy task, in fact, it is quite complex. To succeed, a good manager must be able to learn the managerial language and be skilled and fluent in it. A good manager must practice, experience, fail and rise again to succeed and mostly, be open minded to change old concepts and habits. The actual process can be frustrating, especially for first time managers, and can sometimes result in real hesitation to assume further managerial roles in the future.

Understanding that management is not an innate trait and that ‘practice makes perfect’, is a good starting point for a change process. However, the consequences do not rely on the manager alone. The organization, the one that decided the manager should be promoted on his administrative path, must take responsibility and provide the required support to the manager through the journey and roles he will hold during his tenure.


Services and Products:

  • Assessment and feedback processes, including 360o feedback
  • Find and develop key talent
  • Team development
  • Establish a managerial team
  • Train project managers
  • Feedback process management
  • Establish infrastructure for career track management
  • Leadership programs and management development
  • Management training processes for groups and individuals