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In today’s dynamic business world, human resources departments are required more than ever to manage the professional area of recruitment processes, learning and employee retention, while maintaining economic and business perspective. Using outsourcing services allowing these units to focus on core tasks, while the operational tasks are carried out professionally by us. NGG specializes in providing HR systems services and support, and provides a variety of solutions.

Our Expertise

  • Cost Savings

  • Adjusted operating flexibility needs of the organization

  • High performance and professional service operating in the field of human resources

Our Services

Recruitment Systems

  • Recruitment Process Management

    -Sorting and filtering resumes

    -Updated recruitment processes in

    -Telephone interviews

  • Management of reception and departure of employees

Learning Management Systems

  • Training infrastructure
  • Construction of guidance items
  • Disseminating training to its employees
  • Track Results Training
  • Report generation and measurement of training effectiveness
  • Training Facilities Management
  • Coordination training

Performance Management Systems

  • Data records
  • Tracking and measuring employee performance
  • Report generation

Portfolio Management Systems

  • Create and update employee data
  • Monitoring and control system data changes