Customer Strategy & Omni Channel2017-06-29T11:04:57+03:00

Customer Strategy & Omni Channel

NGG Organizational Engineering Solutions walks many organizations through the construction of a customer-focused service perception which is incorporated into the organization’s processes, while accommodating its needs insofar as that is possible. This perception helps identify and manage “Moments of Truth” with customers, and serves as a supporting tool for making decisions about value offers, while attending to the vast differences between organizations from varied sectors. Formulating a service oriented perception for corporate customers and implementing it in the different units enables to: recruit new customers, retain customers, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, and expand operations.

Services and Products

  • Increase customer value by segmentation and customized value offers
  • Analyze customer experience in cross-organization business processes
  • Formulate customer management processes
  • Assist in the selection, specification and implementation of CRM systems