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Change Management

Having entered the third millennium, we see the world go through constant change some may call chaotic. Information is infinite, boundaries are indistinct, distances are getting shorter, walls are falling down, organizational life cycles are shortened, careers change their goals and aspirations find new directions. The corporate world is changing through accelerated merger and acquisition processes; establishing 4,000 startup companies within one year and seeing most of them implode a short while after.

The world of management is growing more complex and poses new challenges for organizational structures and employee management.

NGG Management and Learning Solutions specializes in guiding and helping organizations go through change management, while focusing on merger or acquisition processes and helping management handle its human resources through a merger or acquisition process during corporate expansion, contraction or spin-off.
Services and Products:

  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • Crisis management
  • Globalization
  • Formulating a corporate vision and values
  • Organizational structure changes