“Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work We Go…” | International Day of Happiness

March 20, 2018 marks the International Day of Happiness, which is celebrated in a number of ways all over the world. We have chosen to focus on happiness in the job market and to discuss the following: Where are workers happiest? Which are the most desirable jobs? And which companies are the best to work for?

Where are Workers Happiest?

According to Fortune Magazine, which based its information on data from the Employment Statistic of the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the best work place in 2018 is Salesforce, the famous cloud computer company, for the fourth year running. Among the top ten places of employment, stand the Hyatt Hotel chain and Deloitte.

CNBC, presented data from a survey conducted by a the American job listing search engine “Indeed” among 18 million workers in high-tech companies, that revealed the top 5 tech companies to work for in 2018. The parameters checked were level of fun at work, low unemployment rates, high median income or high wages, growth (number of jobs), and job perks. SAP came in fifth; Google fourth, Facebook third; Adobe second; and Salesforce first. Salesforce captured the top spot because of its highest ratings in management, salaries, and benefits, as well as employment security and advancement possibilities within the company.

The Work-Life Balance and Personal Development Opportunities

Employees at SAP, the oldest company on the list, noted that the company excels at promoting a healthy work-life balance and offers them varied opportunities to develop their skills and grow inside the company while providing a safe environment where you can be yourself and bring new ideas to the products and processes. One employee added that the company has a great culture that promotes learning and collaboration and once you work there it’s hard to go anywhere else.

Job Satisfaction, Promotion Opportunities, and Severance Package

Careers site Glassdoor, released its own report on the Forbes Magazine website that surveyed companies numbering more than 1,000 employees, using ranking parameters such as job satisfaction, promotion opportunities, severance pay, work-life balance, and the company’s future. In this report, Facebook takes the top spot. Its workers mentioned the many excellent perks and smart colleagues as reasons to stay. On Glassdoor’s scale, Google came in fifth.

Do Doctors Have More Fun?

According to Forbes, medicine was a standout in terms of job desirability in 2018. Software developers were second, and then, in descending order, were dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, orthodontists, statisticians, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and physicians.

And how about you: are you happy with your job? Do you think you’ve made the wrong choice? Our steadily increasing lifespan allows us to engage in three or four careers in a single lifetime, so it is never too late to make a change…

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