Retail chains are in constant competition over existing and new customers. The competition over customers is fierce and apparent in all market industries, which is why companies invest resources to lead in their field. Retailing, all sectors included, is one of the most challenging industries when it comes to customer relations. The market is very dynamic, products are very attractive and distinguished by the quality of advertising. The competition is intense. A lot of time is invested in marketing and advertising to attract customers, but first and foremost, key challenges must be addressed:
Key Challenges


  • Understanding the customer’s current and near future overt and covert needs
  • Tailoring products and services to varied customers
  • Creating loyalty
  • Stimulating and creating additional needs

NGG’s Solutions for the Retail Industry

  • Establish a sales and service perception for the retail business to follow when  interfacing with customers (in all channels: physical, telephonic, digital) and for HQ- chain/retail network interfaces.
  • Apply certification programs for the administrative level while focusing on sales and service system management: branch/site/shop management, sales and service team management, existing and potential customer management.
  • Provide tools, knowledge and skills to sales and service teams for handling customers according to the changed perception and management method.
  • On the job mentoring: training managers and employees to apply the tools and skills where they work.
  • Lead improved performance processes: provide tools for measuring sales, employees performance and comparing them using empirical tools.
  • Tailor and implement an extensive management system for a geographically dispersed network/branches based on expertise.