The Pharma Industry

In recent years, the pharma industry has developed and expanded due to mergers and acquisitions among market players. As a result, many pharma companies are experiencing frequent changes in strategy, corporate focus, structures, operational and business processes and regulations. These changes create internal and external challenges and compel these companies to be prepared to manage change as a way of life.


  • Merging business operations
  • Merging corporate units
  • Establishing new operational platforms
  • Establishing a “one company” corporate DNA
  • Implementing global standards and processes
  • Managing global change processes
  • Managing knowledge platforms


  • Establish a set of corporate values and define the required DNA to attain business goals.
  • Establish global work methodologies for aspects of learning, organizational development, sales, services, operations and more.
  • Implement global corporate and business processes: develop and apply methodologies for implementing change, processes and tools from a global perspective.
  • Map processes and bodies of knowledge required for establishing new operational systems based on knowledge and multidisciplinary work methodologies.
  • Leadership development and change management:  supporting change management and growth processes while paying attention to structural and procedural aspects, as well as personal and interpersonal aspects.
  • Implementing information systems and business systems: development, training and application of tools and business systems, walking teams through internal improvement processes and instructor training.
  • Management, knowledge and learning solutions: walking organizations through strategic development and implementation of advanced management, knowledge and learning perceptions in a dynamic corporate reality, based on market conditions and regulations, while translating the organization’s learning requirements into development and training programs.