Over the last few decades, the health industry has undergone dramatic changes that influence the unique nature of the industry in community clinics as well as in hospitals.

The industry’s innate complexities, combined with additional factors such as: regulatory changes and adjustments, an aging population and an increase in the rate of chronic diseases, and providing complex community treatments, all obligate players in this arena to think ‘out of the box’ and adapt to the changing reality.

Key Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

  • Changing business environment and increased competition
  • Ongoing decline in availability of immediate medical care
  • Changing the corporate conservative culture in a traditional environment
  • Compliance with standards, regulations and strict quality standards
  • Involvement of many professional factors in providing customer service
  • Communicating between community healthcare services and hospitals and vice versa



  • Walking corporate units through performance improvement processes: in hospitals and community clinics.
  • Leadership development and change management: supporting change management and growth processes while paying attention to structural/procedural aspects, as well as personal and interpersonal aspects.
  • Designing and implementing operational methodologies: for corporate units in community clinics and hospitals.
  • Implementing corporate and business processes: developing and applying methodologies for implementing change, processes and tools for improving effectiveness.
  • Implementing information systems and business systems: development, training and application of tools and business systems, walking teams through internal improvement processes and instructor training.
  • Learning and training development: developing learning programs and management training tools and implementation for varied populations, using various methodologies.
  • Designing, establishing and training service centers and service skills, while taking into account the different target audiences.