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Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions are always looking for ways to improve their customers’ profits and satisfaction level, while facing varied challenges, such as: turning customer satisfaction into profit, increasing customer value throughout their life cycle, reducing operational costs while matching the distribution channels to the customer’s requirements and more.

NGG is vastly experienced in the banking and financial service market, including retail, commercial and business banking, insurance companies and agencies as well as capital market companies.

We are defined by our financial approach, in striving to maximize effectiveness and profitability, meeting our customers’ demanding satisfaction levels and Service Level Agreements.

Key Challenges in Banks and Financial Institutions


  • Turning potential into profit in a customer’s account
  • Increasing customer life cycle value while minimizing operational costs
  • Training end units to handle sophisticated and demanding customers
  • Training and adapting corporate employees, managers and systems to operate in advanced environments


NGG offers banks and financial institutions a variety of services and products. We also offer a comprehensive solution for retail platforms and customer relationship management in retail banking. NGG’s management solutions for banking and financial institutions include the following components:

  • Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence and Product Leadership (COP) – a three dimensional performance analysis
  • Performance Measurement in Retail Banking (PMRB)
  • Retail Banking Management (RBM)
  • Customer Experience in Retail Banking (CERB)
  • New Branch Set Up (NBS)