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The Automotive and Transportation Industry

The automotive industry is constantly facing many challenges and is characterized by high tax rates, import barriers and customers demanding immediate service, alongside high product standards. Buying a car is considered a big expense and customers therefore demand ongoing excellent after-sale service and availability of complementing products (such as replacement parts, tires, etc.), at reasonable cost and timely delivery.


Key Challenges of the Automotive Industry

  • Globalization and technological development
  • Intense competition due to many market players and similarity between products
  • Maintaining customer loyalty while increasing profitability
  • Balancing investments between marketing, sales and after-sales
  • Customizing suitable, fast and reliable digital systems for knowledge and IT management and market need



The NGG Group developed a variety of unique solutions for the automotive industry, based on accumulated experience and deep knowledge of the industry, guaranteeing improvement and optimization of digital platforms, processes and talent:


  • Supply chain and replacement parts management: replacement parts can potentially become a more lucrative source of revenue than selling the cars themselves.
  • Business models such as After Part Management (APM), APM Score, etc., enable comprehensive management of replacement parts networks, guaranteeing enhanced profitability and proactive management of this sector.
  • Improved business performance: ongoing improvement and optimization of business performance, to increase profitability and maintain a competitive edge, by implementing advantages such as: Rapid Business Dashboard and IT System Implementation, that let organizations “start” their corporate performance while using existing systems that obviate the need for new infrastructures.
  • Training program for the automotive industry: implementing any new solution or development, requires a customized and clear training program. NGG has developed unique and extensive training programs for the automotive industry, to ensure companies use defined uniform standards and gain professional improvement.
  • Customer strategy: developing varied applicable solutions for maintaining customer relationships in the automotive industry.

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