Developing a Mentoring Program with Microsoft Israel

Developing a Mentoring Program with Microsoft Israel

The Learning and Training Development Center at NGG Global Consulting Solutions is focused on identifying and developing effective learning solutions that utilize a range of innovative methods and tools. We are proud to let you know about one of our center’s many projects: development of a mentoring program called “Growing People, Growing Impact” – a program we’ve created in partnership with Microsoft Israel.

Goals of the Program:

  • Development and empowerment of employees and managers on individual tracks – as part of a growth mindset
  • Expansion of the use of mentoring within the organization
  • Precise matching of mentors and mentees, to improve the quality of the process

Target Audience:

All employees and managers at Microsoft Israel

Organizational Process:

  • Collecting and refining the organization’s existing documentation about mentorship
  • Defining the kind of mentoring process that Microsoft Israel wants
  • Defining and developing a platform that allows mentees to locate relevant mentors and connect with them
  • Providing a kit for mentors and mentees – for use before, during, and at the end of the process
  • Training to develop necessary skills, with a focus on getting the process started

Materials Developed Jointly by Microsoft Israel and Our Learning and Training Development Center for This Project:

  • Unique mentor matching platform
  • OneNote tool designed for use throughout the process
  • Mentoring workshop
  • Simulation cards


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