Conference for Managers – Launching the New Vision and Values for a Leading Construction Company

The Learning and Training Development Center at NGG Global Consulting Solutions is focused on identifying and creating effective learning solutions. Here’s a look at how the center organized and ran a conference for a leading construction company’s managers that set forth the vision and values of the company.

Project: Conference for Executives to Launch the Vision and Values of a Leading Construction Company

This project was developed to meet the needs of the client; all materials were generated in accordance with international standards.

Background: An organization had gone through a process of creating a new vision and values, and needed to create a new shared language. A conference was organized for the company’s managers, in which the vision and values were introduced. The essence of the conference involved using experiential means to convey the importance and ability of a manager in “translating” these values into daily behavior.

Purpose of this Process:

  • Exposing the managers in the organization to the organization’s vision and values
  • “Translation” of values into daily behavior and routines
  • Cultivating the self-perception of the managers as leaders with the ability to implement the company’s vision and values

Target Audience:

  • All levels of management within the organization

Material Developed by NGG Global Consulting Solutions’ Learning and Training Development Center for This Project:

  1. Posters about the organization’s values
  2. “Travel journal” for every conference participant
  3. Designed playing cards for the opening activity

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