Facilitating the Implementation of Leadership Values – a Project Developed for Ceragon

The NGG Learning and Training Development Center is focused on identifying and developing effective learning solutions that utilize a range of innovative methods and tools. Here’s a glimpse at a project fostering leadership values, which was developed for Ceragon.

Project: Facilitating the Implementation of Leadership Values – a Project Developed for Ceragon

This project was developed to meet the specific needs of the client, with particular attention given to generating materials in accordance with international standards. The project was developed by working jointly with the Organizational Development Department at Ceragon.

Goals of the Project: Developing a new management language and culture that matches the company’s strategy.

Target Audience: All managers within the organization; the process was done in stages

Organizational Process:

  1. Selecting aspects of leadership
  2. Defining behaviors for each aspect
  3. Connecting rehabilitationHR managers
  4. Implementation workshop for senior managers
  5. Implementation in the field (all managers)

Selecting aspects of management and leadership to focus on – and the subsequent definition of behaviors for each of these aspects – was conducted in a brainstorming session of about fifty senior managers from around the world, in a forum at Ceragon that took an active and significant part in the implementation of the process.

Products of the Project:

  1. Organizing a meeting of HR managers, globally
  2. Organizing a meeting of the senior management, globally
  3. Exhibition highlighting aspects of leadership (posters, relevant movies, and cards)
  4. Developing an Implementation Kit with playing cards about leadership + instructions for the cards
  5. Cards with bar codes for watching movies connected to each aspect

Photographs of the Exhibition:

Implementation Kit:

Cards and Instructions:

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