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Millennials: How do they see themselves, and how are they perceived by their bosses?

By |2019-02-21T13:49:13+03:0020 February , 2017 |

We’ve asked Nili Goldfein (54) and Tal Solomon (26) to watch Simon Sinek’s interview about the Millennials in the workplace. His interview has become a viral sensation on social media and the hottest topic for water-cooler talk. We’ve asked members of two different generations to watch Sinek’s interview and give us their take on millennials

NGG’s 2017 Kickoff

By |2017-06-04T19:33:20+03:0016 February , 2017 |

This week we gathered all NGG employees for the 2017 kickoff. Rami Jaulus, NGG's CEO led the event and reviewed the past 23 years of the group. He described the challenges the company faced since its founding and up to the present, as well as the corporate growth of 2016 and the vision for the coming years. Here is a glimpse of the fascinating day we had together (Gallery)