Global Human Capital Trends – 2019

The 2019 Deloitte Report points to three areas in which the social enterprise needs to reinvent itself: the future of the organization, the future of the workforce, and the future of human resources. How can this be accomplished? Our answers in the following article.

Global Human Capital Trends

The 2019 Deloitte Report

At the beginning of each year, the Deloitte company publishes an in-depth report analyzing the leading trends in the field of human capital. The report is based on a survey of Deloitte customers around the world, including high-level managers and human resource experts from companies of almost every size and from a wide range of industries.

In 2018, the report focused on the rise of the social enterprise. Organizations, as it became clear, are no longer evaluated solely on accepted financial indexes, and not even on the quality of their products or their services. They are evaluated to a great extent by the relationships they build with their employees, customers, and communities, and by their societal impact in general, which effectively transforms them from business enterprises into social enterprises. 

The recently published 2019 report reflects the rise of this trend to yet another level. The combination of political, social, economic, and technological pressures which caused the rise of the social enterprise have only intensified. In 2019, our challenge is learning how to lead the social enterprise. Organizational philanthropy and mission statements which include social elements are no longer enough to “deliver the goods”. The social enterprise must reinvent itself with a strong focus on the human aspect. 

The choice of the word “reinvent” is neither coincidental nor cliché. The magnitude of the disruption to work, workers, and the workforce, and its impact on employers, are the reasons we have chosen this term. “Reinvention” necessitates returning to the core of an organization, to its foundations. Why? Because in everything regarding work, workers, and workplaces, there is much work to be done. With the rate of employee engagement standing at less that 15%, a rise in the number of hours that employees are investing, and peak rates of financial and mental stress, no further reasons are needed. 

In order to meaningfully influence our ability to lead the social enterprise, Deloitte recommends concentrated efforts in three areas: the future of the workforce, the future of the organization, and the future of human resources. Each of these three domains contains several categories in which organizations need to reinvent themselves.

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